November 6, 2020

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE *UK + beyond edition*

Each year I put together a list to help you shop the way I would without the stress of having to think of options yourself. I curate this list from companies, products and people we personally have experience with rather than just ideas that look wonderful. I research hugely before I buy anything and I really believe in the power of where we spend and how we gift in the power that it has to do good, so here are some ideas for those in the UK to help you shop.


I love a store where you can shop and know everything is a good idea that cares for people and planet. As I wrote this list I realised that really, if you browsed through the ones below you could basically cover your entire list with incredible gifts:

So browse those wonderful places, or have a look at the full list below!



My book aka The Green Edit: Home

First up, I wrote a book so you could gift it to everyone! But really, I wrote this for you. It’s not just a list of things to do, it’s a walk through a no judgement zone of a journey towards a more ethical sustainable home without being complicated. It’s £9.99 and available at all major bookstores and makes a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for pretty much anyone, green minded or not.

Find it HERE.

Cabby’s Rum + Gin

Everyone needs a go to Gin right? This is ours and a favourite find since moving to England.  Made by a London cabby, with kind and personal customer service, gorgeous branding… and just great London gin.

Black owned. UK made. Find it HERE.

Brough Brothers Bourbon

From gin to whiskey this is a fiery whisky we love from Louisville, Kentucky. Created by the first black owned distillery in Kentucky and we love the history, their story and the drink. In the UK it’s only available on and availability comes and goes but it it’s available, it’s a great one for a gift!

Black owned. Small business. Find it HERE.


I’ve researched dolls more than I’d care to admit and this is the one item I couldn’t bring myself to get second hand. These dolls and animals are the winner for me with organic materials, ethical production, a reasonable price (for this kind of item, trust me), they actually look semi human, and they have multiple skin tones. And even better, you can buy matching sets of clothes for children and the doll which is amazing.

Find them HERE with a UK supplier, a smaller range than the US but still stunning and this is one of the two we have. 

Agnes London Tencel Apron


I’ve been following Agnes LDN and her stunning, low waste, deadstock (fabric that would have gone to waste) items for a while. All simple but gorgeous and hand made made with sustainable well sourced materials. I asked for some for my birthday and got scrunchies and head bands I adore. Later on Agnes sent me a tencel apron that’s the softest thing ever and a bottle carrier/plant holder. I love everything and they make gorgeous affordable gifts.  The tencel apron, DIY scrunchie kit below, and scrunchies are my top picks and the would make a great gift too! 

Agnes London DIY Scrunchy Kit

Female founded. Small business. Plastic Free. Recycled materials. Ethically made. Find the range HERE. 

Ethical superstore for easy stocking stuffers


My best UK find of 2020! For real, it’s my new Amazon with a whole host of phenomenal ethical and eco products. You get a little credit back from each shop, £10 off when you refer a friend and you can search by certification like recycled/fairtrade/vegan etc or by item, or just browse.

Use it for chocolate stocking stuffers, and easy gifting with more purpose and care. Look at the range of chocolate gifts like giant Divine chocolate coins, recycled plastic vehicle toys we love, home and garden items, Tony’s chocolate and so many other things.

Ethical Superstore: GreenToys

Ethical Superstore: People Tree Earrings

Ethical Superstore: Tony’s Chocolate and other fairtrade brands

Free shipping over £50 so plan and get lots of stocking stuffers in one go. Search by value/certification based shopping. Shop the site HERE and see a few above.

ABLE apparel, leather and shoes


A Nashville based company clothing company with shipping further afield that I’ve always loved but that has really impressed me in 2020. Many companies left suppliers and artisans unpaid when retail sales went down but immediately ABLE put on a big sale to be able to pay everyone and make sure no on was treated unfairly or left with a bill. They’re all about empowering women and hiring “women who have overcome” and they’re the only company I know publishing all their wages across the board for full transparency.  I love their leather and apparel.

Ethical. Women driven. Social good. Shop them HERE. 

ABLE FAVE! Stacking Rings

I’ve given these little ring for lots of little gifts, that feel special from a great company! I love them.

Ethical. Women driven. Social good. Shop them HERE. 

YARD chocolate

**Currently pausing on creation but check back cos it’s a great one!**

Chocolate is a great stocking stuffer, dinner party host gift, or smaller gift any time of the year but not if people are not cared for in it’s creation. Yard is a small independent chocolate company in London making gorgeous bars of delicious chocolate. It sells out really fast so if you can get your hands on it, buy!

Small company. Black owned. Fairly traded. 

Bebambu collagen

I searched for so long for a collagen I was happy with. Not in plastic, sourced well, tested for heavy metals… #allthethings. And I found it in Bebambu. It’s marine collagen and my favourite is the strong one which has a slightly sweet taste – I pop it in my black coffee at 5am to give me some protein while I’m working before breakfast!

Female founded. Black owned. Small business. Low waste. Great ingredients. Find it HERE.

Refillable Fountain pen

A life long, waste saving, handwriting enhancing friend and a great gift to ask for a receive! I like ones that have refillable cartridges rather than where you need to buy cartridges but the ones we have are adjustable and can be used for both. They come in a range of prices so they can be an heirloom larger gift or a more everyday item that still lasts forever.

Waste saving. Cost saving. Find it HERE.

Uncle Nearest Whisky

Another Whisky with a beautiful story. We won’t get into this but reading into the history of distilleries in the US, slavery, slave owners and how the industry really is the creation of the African American slaves makes me only ever want to buy black owned whisky!

Black owned. Find it in the UK HERE. 

Wearth London: Natural Play Dough

Plantbased dyes and plastic free packaging, this made in the UK alternative to the normal and a bit easier than making your own when you don’t want to!

Find it HERE on Wearth London

Panda bandaids

A great stocking stuffer! Honestly I’ve taught my kids there needs to be a lot of blood to get a plaster so we don’t use a ton of them, but when we do, this is what we reach for. No Parabens, pthalates, biodegradable but still fun for kids! They also have an aloe vera, charcoal and simple natural one. Highly recommend. A needed item but also fun to throw into a stocking!

Sustainable. Biodegradable. Vegan. Plastic free. Find them HERE. 


While we’re on stockings – everyone gets new toothbrush + Add in a plastic free toothpaste too! We love these ones from Hydrophil and if you’re not quite at toothpaste tablets  then this is a great plastic free toothpaste option for a stocking stuffer.

Plastic free. Find them HERE. 


I’m an addict. Sparkling water is a love language… but shipping water is not a love language for the earth and the cost is not one for the budget. So, enter the Sodastream. A refillable cartridge (exchange via post or local store) turns the water that comes out of your tap or filter into perfect bubbly water in a glass bottle. AMAZING. If you buy 2 bottles of sparkling water a week on average this will pay for itself in a YEAR without thikning about the environmental savings. It’s a great gift or one to put on the list for you too!

Waste saving. Plastic free. Cost savings. Find it HERE. 


One of my favorite ethical English brands with the most stunning pieces. They are more of an
investment but gorgeous, well made, and worth it. I have this exact jumper and so sadly lost it in the move but I highly recommend it and browsing the whole site.

Find it HERE and take a look at their STUNNING Home, Body, Mind section for smaller gorgeous gifts!

Good Things Brewery

We loved this beer when we first tried it in the UK, and then looking into the company discovered they’re exactly the kind of place I want to put my beer money! A closed loop, eco friendly, carbon neutral company with really good beer at a reasonable price. You can order with really quick delivery a couple of cans or a larger order. Trust me, for a beer lover a selection from here would be a GREAT Christmas gift!

Closed loop. Small company. UK made. Find it HERE. 


Vitae Watches

Oh how I’ve searched for ethical watches. SEARCHED. I mean, ones that look nice. And heeeeello Vitae. They have a higher price tag, but not a higher price tag than buying one every year because they break… These are stunning, classic, ethically made, a company built around doing social good, black owned and just a DREAM find.

Black owned. Ethically made. Social good. Find them HERE. 

Stasher Bag

B corp. 1% for the planet. Plastic free. Find it here. 

Pela case

These are all (I think all the time) buy one get one free! I’ve never had a phone break in one in 6 years which is saying something!! they have lots of colours, plain ones and pattered ones – I love them all basically! And biodegradable so as you upgrade you’re not adding to landfill waste. Brilliant. If you’re getting a new phone or gifting a new phone or just think someone should make the switch… do it!

They also now have the back of the phone grip handle things too also in biodegradable made-from-plants material which I have and love!

Biodegradable. B corporation. 1% for the planet. Shop them HERE. 

Pela vision

It’s the same fab company as the phone cases above, and in 2020 they came out with gorgeous sunglasses and blue light glasses. They. Are. Amazing. They’re fully biodegradable even the lenses and you can return hem them to be made into other products by Pela too. You can get the blue light lenses for half price when you buy sunglasses and they’re interchangeable making it a great two in one.

Biodegradable. B corporation. 1% for the planet. Shop them HERE. 

Georganics toothbrush

Fully recyclable. Plastic free packaging. Find it HERE. 

Safety Razor

I got my razor from Package Free Shop who ship to the UK and have a whole host of other incredible led waste products, all shipped plastic free. The more local UK equivilent that is probably more stylish looking and so more suited for gifting (it comes in a few colours!) but still uses the same blades I use, look at the one above from Wearth London. Wearth is again another fantastic resource for mindful, well sourced shopping.

Zero waste. Plastic free. UK made. Vegan. Plastic free shipping. Find it HERE. 

Thought clothing + socks

Bamboo, cotton and recycled polyester, we all have Thought socks and love them! A great stocking stuffer or gift depending on who! They have simple plain socks, fun pattered ones, and gift boxes.

Recycled polyester. Organic cotton. Sustainable. Ethically made. Find them HERE. 

Shampoo bar

STOCKING STUFFER IDEA! A shampoo bar is a really easy switch and the ones I love are Ethique and HiBar. Ethique are not shipping in England during COVID so the only way to get them is via Amazon but I still highly recommend them – the trail packs I think are great smaller gifts and let you try them out which is nice if you’re on the fence or gifting to someone who hasn’t tried them yet! 

Zero waste. Clean ingredients. Find the range HERE. 

Patagonia jacket for kids

A great one to ask for if you want a well made, B corp, heirloom gift for kids. We asked for these early on and they look brand new after many seasons and 2 kids. Join a birthday and a Christmas together, club together with family or give/ask for money towards one. Buying one larger gift that lasts can be so much better than multiple smaller things!

Shop them HERE.

Muthahood Goods for kids

Really for kids and adults alike Gemma at Muthahoood has something for you, but the small curated selection of very thoughtful, educational and empowering gifts for kids is incredible and one I personally shop from regularly. Highly recommend.

Women owned. Eco friendly packaging. Ethically made apparel. Find the collection HERE. 

Fairtrade Gardening gloves

I mostly garden without gloves and forget how much more fun it is through winter WITH gloves!  These are really well priced and a great stocking stuffer or gift. There are also a lot of other little garden bits and bobs at the link below on Ethical Marketplace so you could turn them into a bigger gift or add some seeds from my fave seed company Vital Seeds.

Fairtrade. Mission based company. Find them HERE.

Better Cup

Shout out to anyone who started a business in 2020, and and extra wow for hitting the shelves with a sell out product with a mission, making a difference in so many ways! My friend Ruth started this menstrual cup company in the Spring and maybe this is a gift-to-self or a really good friend, or one to ask for but entering 2021 as a menstrual cup user would be an amazing start to the year. Especially knowing you’ve also gifted one to someone who doesn’t have access to disposable sanitary products, thus allowing them a total life change like not missing school simply because they are menstruating.

Plastic free. Organic cotton bag. Zero waste. Money saving. Mission based. Find them HERE. 

SANCHO’S: Jewellery

Recycled brass, beautiful, ethically made. Ok I think you could do your entire holiday shopping on this beautiful site. It’s one where you can go and browse knowing everything is sourced well which I love. And a gorgeous zero waste pendant from recycled brass? Hello.

Black owned business. Woman owned. Find it HERE.


Another one from Sanchos, trust me just go and have a browse! Soy wax, just organic cotton wicks, no lead or other things you might often find in there. A nice smaller gift at £9 or a stocking stuffer. Love.

Black owned business. Woman owned. Find them HERE.


These are on my own personal “want” list, and I’m gifting these to other people this Christmas too! 100% wool, eco friendly dyes, fair trade made. Perfection.

Black owned business. Woman owned. Find them HERE. 

Workbench London

They send you a kit, you carve your own ring, they cast it in recycled silver. It’s AMAZING! I completely fell in love with Workbench this year when a friend gifted me one and  I sat carving my own ring one night, watching Suits and ended up thinking, processing and making something from my heart and really precious!

Recycled silver. Find the kits HERE. 

Plan well, keep it simple, do what you can!

Don’t be overwhelmed. Make a list, plan your budget, work out what budget you can allocate to gifts and divide it up roughly between the gifts you need to buy, the stockings, the friends and family and work out how much your’e working with in each area. Look out for sales and shop for people when you see the right things, then check them off.

Go second hand where you can for earth and budget. Or invest in well made and sourced options like the ones above!


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