November 6, 2020


I love putting these together each year and here’s your 2020 version! A list of things we love, that are sourced the way we love caring for people and planet in some way.

I choose to curate this list from companies, products and people we personally have experience with rather than just ideas that look wonderful. I research hugely before I buy anything and I really believe in the power of where we spend and how we gift in the power that it has to do good, so here are some ideas for those in the US!

Helpful spots to browse and check off multiple great gifts with one cart:

They all have a range of beautiful gifts for various people you need to shop for, and everything on their site is produced with the values of caring for people and planet which just makes shopping easier! Happy browsing!


Zack and Zoe Honey

I’ve sent these as gifts and they really are perfect for a foodie, health nut, or someone turning 1 who can now eat honey! Zack and Zoe is a family run business and anyone who’s working with bees as a family now has my highest respect – we need it more and I love supporting them and gifting a gorgeous product.  *Edit: these were just names one of Oprah’s Favourite things this holiday!*

Family owned small business. Black owned. Plastic free. Find them HERE.

Heifer international + Oxfam

A different kind of gift and one I LOVE. Both Heifer International and Oxfam are great options for giving on behalf of others. You can gift a cow, a hive a bees, education, water, care for mothers or refugee families. I’ve used the Oxfam cards where they have a variety of spending amounts for different gifts I just love.  Of course there is also so much need closer to home so you could also consider a gift to a local organization in lieu of a gift.

Give a hive a bees via Heifer international HERE. See all their gifts HERE

Skills for Life Gift for the UK: “Beating poverty for good in the UK means giving people support beyond basics like food and heating. The UK is one of the richest countries in the world, yet one person in five lives below the poverty line. Low pay and rising living costs are making life even harder.” 

Shop Skills for Life and others from Oxfam HERE


Nisolo Chelsea Boot

We both have these and LOVE THEM! They’re classic, gorgeous and so well made. Nisolo is a beautiful B Corp brand meaning that they’re a for profit company that exists not just for profit but for the good of people and planet. Everything is made ethically, to be long lasting which is another major factor in waste creation, and we love them. It’s one where you can shop the whole site and know you’re making great choices.  And you have to check out their Ethical Marketplace too – it will take care of so much of your holiday shopped list!

Ethically made. B corporation. Find them HERE.   Available in Canda via Garmentory HERE. 

Nisolo Ethical Marketplace

This marketplace from Nisolo is BRILLIANT. It will help you with stocking stuffers, bigger gifts, thoughtful items all sourced well and rounded up easily for you.

Ethical marketplace fave: Hand sanitzers in aluminium

We all likely need these in 2020 and lets avoid some plastic where we can and opt for a highly recyclable aluminium container. This is exactly the kind of thing I’d split up and put in stockings!

Hand sanitzers in aluminium – Find them HERE

Ethical marketplace fave – Candles! 

This has been my go to from the Ethical Marketplace for a great gift cos I love that after it’s been a candle it’s able to be repurposed for a flower pot or to pop another candle into.  They have a few different colours too.

Find the candles HERE

Ethical Marketplace Fave: Stasher Bags!

Oh YES we love a good stasher bag. And I love being able to grab multiple things from the same place that isn’t Amazon. These make great gifts: just gift them as is, or fill them with a chocolate bar, bulk treats or cotton facial rounds for a different gift!

Find Stasher Bags HERE!

Ethical marketplace fave: The Immigrant Cookbook

Another brilliant one from the Ethical Marketplace so you really can hit so many things of your list in one brilliant place! You just need to check it out!

Find the cookbook HERE


I’ve researched dolls more than I’d care to admit and this is the one item I couldn’t bring myself to get second hand. These dolls and animals are the winner for me with organic materials, ethical production, a reasonable price (for this kind of item, trust me), they actually look semi human, and they have multiple skin tones. And even better, you can buy matching sets of clothes for children and the doll which is amazing.

Find them HERE (and for shipping to Canada and beyond see the “where to buy” page) and you get 10% off for signing up to their email so do that! 

Beautycounter: Golden Hour All-in-one Palette


I use this every day and adore it! Recycled paper palette, talc free, ethically sourced mica, and a range of blush. bronzer and eye shadow multitaskers all in one place with a mirror you can remove and keep when you’re done. It’s a great one. It’s soft gentle colour I’m loving. And 10% of the profits go to the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation which I’m all about. Kailash Satyarthi is a children’s rights activist and the foundation exists to eradicate child labour and exploitation – a common issue in the mica industry which is an ingredient it a lot of makeup products. LOVE.

B Corporation. Woman founded. Carefully selected ingredients.  Shop the sunset palette HERE. US + Canadian Shipping


Beautycounter: Limited Edition Jellies

The reason I love these is they’re a lower cost item that feels fun for a younger generation (although everyone loves them). It’s an easy switch to make anyone not feel like they’re missing out in the quest for clean without breaking the bank. Stevia sweetened and formulated without the things that are always left out by Beautycounter – parabens, artificial fragrance, phthalates etc.

They break down to $7.80 each even though they’re larger than the Beautycounter glosses so you can keep one, divide them up for stocking stuffers or have them as gifts to or from younger generation. That said, everyone obught them last year from young to old so I think these will be a fall sell out.

B Corporation. Woman founded. Ships to US + Canada. Carefully selected ingredients. Shop Jellies HERE


Paper Tube Print Lipsticks

I don’t wear makeup every day but when I do I pretty much always wear lipstick. Sometimes bold, sometimes subtle but I’m a lipstick lover. Lipsticks – and most colour cosmetics – are likely to be contaminated with heavy metals so my biggest reason for loving these ones is the stringent testing and screening of every batch for heavy metal levels. Oh and the colours are gorgeous. Little black dress is my top red, and The Fuscia is Clean (top left) is a bold but fun pink!

B Corporation. Woman founded. Ships to US + Canada. Shop lipsticks HERE


Rothy’s Recycled Plastic Shoes

I was given a gift card for Rothy’s and used it earlier in the year and I’m an instant convert and was so impressed by the company. The shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles, pulled from within 30 miles of coastlines, and at the time of writing they’ve recycled 99,962,14bottle into shoes. All ethically made and thoughtful in every step – the sole are eco friendly rubber and the shipping is all carbon neutral by offsetting, and used biodegradable paper and a ribbon of recycled materials. I was so impressed and happy opening the box.

They also have bags, loafers, lace ups and kids sizes all made from recycled ocean plastic.

Find them all HERE.


Rothy’s Bags

These are so worth a look too and could make the perfect gift for someone on your list! The small catch all is a lower price than the shoes and is a gorgeous gift.

US, Canada and international shipping. Find them HERE.

MIIR Coffee Mug

Another B corp coming in strong with one of our favorite discoveries of 2019.  If you’ve been here two mintues you know we live by our miir coffee mugs. They keep coffee hot, they’re great to drink form (no really, I’m picky) we adore them and they make a great gift! Reminder: don’t build a collection of cups you don’t need, one is enough, but if someone doesn’t have one this is our fave!

B corportation. Find them on the Miir site HERE 

Stumptown coffee (and an alternative!)

Coffee is a great stocking stuffer or gift depending on who you’re shopping for. Stumptown is one of our faves for being organic (this one but not all of them so check!), delicious and also being packaged in home compostable packaging. This is an easy one to ship right to someone if you’re not going to be with them, or to throw in a stocking!

Biodegradable packaging. Organic options. Find it HERE. 

For one I’ve recommended friends try but not tried personally, that’s a B corp company based around social impact, try Blk + Bold! I haven’t tried this personally as we can’t get it in the UK but it was a recommendation I found when someone was asking me so I wanted to add it here!

Black owned. Find it HERE.

SANCHOS: Jewellery

Recycled brass, beautiful, ethically made. Ok I think you could do your entire holiday shopping on this beautiful site. It’s one where you can go and browse knowing everything is sourced well which I love. And a gorgeous zero waste pendant from recycled brass? Hello.

Sanchos is a small UK based brand but they ship worldwide with tracked shipping for a charge and I feel it’s more than worth including here. If you’re wanting the most stunningly curated Black owned shop I know of, click on in!

Black owned business. Woman owned. Find it HERE.


Another one from Sanchos, trust me just go and have a browse! Soy wax, just organic cotton wicks, no lead or other things you might often find in there. A nice smaller gift at £9 or a stocking stuffer. Love.

Sanchos is a small UK based brand but they ship worldwide with tracked shipping for a charge and I feel it’s more than worth including here. If you’re wanting the most stunningly curated Black owned shop I know of, click on in!

Black owned business. Woman owned. Find them HERE.


These are on my own personal “want” list, and I’m gifting these to other people this Christmas too! 100% wool, eco friendly dyes, fair trade made. Perfection.

Sanchos is a small UK based brand but they ship worldwide with tracked shipping for a charge and I feel it’s more than worth including here. If you’re wanting the most stunningly curated Black owned shop I know of, click on in!

Black owned business. Woman owned. Find them HERE. 

PACT Clothing

Very affordable, fair trade made, organic cotton basics. These have been a go to for us since we potty trained Clayton 3 years ago and couldn’t find organic cotton underwear that was ethically made! Great for kids and baby pyjamas as well as clothing and adult basics too.

Organic Cotton. Ethically Made. Free US  shipping + Canadian shipping with a fee. Very well priced. Find them HERE. 


SPRUCE Cleaning System

I think you can 100% gift an INCREDIBLE cleaning system! If you’ re gifting to anyone like me, this would be a great gift! An infinitely reusable spray bottle, and compostable sachets of clean ingredient cleaner so you just add water. It means water isn’t being transported using fuel needlessly. I think it’s brilliant and use it in our home. You’ll see it priced in GBP but it ships internationally – but no water is getting shipped!

Woman owned and founded. Zero waste. Find it HERE on indigogo.

Brough Brothers Bourbon

This is a fiery whisky we love from Louisville, Kentucky. Created by the first black owned distillery in Kentucky and we love the history, their story and the drink.

Black owned. US shipping. Small business. Find it HERE.

Uncle Nearest Whisky

Another Whisky with a beautiful story. We won’t get into this but reading into the history of distilleries in the US, slavery, slave owners and how the industry really is the creation of the African American slaves makes me only ever want to buy black owned whisky!

Black owned. Find it on Minibar HERE for the US or locally and other platforms. For Canada click HERE.


Secco Wine Club

What do I miss about living in the US? Secco wine. Seriously Secco makes it so easy to shop wine with all the nasties (and there are a lot) out, from a great family company, that are really delicious. They have a subscription or you can buy by the bottle. We used to get three bottles a month and it was such a treat.

Family company. Great ingredients. Better for the environment. US only. Shop them HERE. 

ABLE apparel, leather and shoes

This is another one where you can browse the whole site, and know you’re shipping great options all round which helps keep it simple!

The Nashville based company clothing company I’ve always loved but that has really impressed me in 2020. Many companies left suppliers and artisans unpaid when retail sales went down but immediately ABLE put on a big sale to be able to pay everyone and make sure no on was treated unfairly or left with a bill. They’re all about empowering women and they’re the only company I know publishing all their wages across the board for full transparency.  I love their leather and apparel.

Shop the whole company. Ethical. Women driven. Social good. Shop them HERE. 

ABLE FAVE! Stacking Rings

I’ve given these little ring for lots of little gifts, that feel special from a great company! I love them and they’d make a great stocking stuffer.

Ethical. Women driven. Social good. Shop them HERE. 

Bee Fearless

Great for a teenage or pre teen audience but honestly after listening to Mikaila speak, I was ready to read the book myself! Mikaila is a the founder and owner of a now large lemonade company originally in Austin, Texas. Her story is an inspiring one to go for it, go after your dreams, heart and what you’re learning I think it would be a great teen or pre teen read. Plus, she’s saving the bees and that will always have my heart

Black author. Female owned company. Find it HERE. 

Fountain pen

A life long, waste saving, handwriting enhancing friend and a great gift to ask for or receive! I like ones that have refillable cartridges rather than where you need to buy cartridges but the ones we have are adjustable and can be used for both. They come in a range of prices so they can be an heirloom larger gift or a more everyday item that still lasts forever.

Waste saving. Cost saving. Find it HERE.

Package Free Shop

The Package Free Shop is a personal fave and one of those places you can add anything to your cart and know it’s a good choice in terms of caring for health, people and planet. They have plastic free, minimal shipping, and I would love basically anything in the shop as a gift so it’s a GREAT one to scroll and knock out lots at once!

Package Free Shop Fave: Panda bandaids

A great stocking stuffer! Honestly I’ve taught my kids there needs to be a lot of blood to get a plaster so we don’t use a ton of them, but when we do, this is what we reach for. No Parabens, pthalates, biodegradable but still fun for kids! They also have an aloe vera, charcoal and simple natural one. Highly recommend. A needed item but also fun to throw into a stocking!

Sustainable. Biodegradable. Vegan. International shipping. Plastic free. Find them HERE via Package Free Shop. 

Package Free Shop Fave: Toothbrush

While we’re on stockings – everyone gets new toothbrush + Add in a plastic free toothpaste too! We love these ones from Hydrophil and if you’re not quite at toothpaste tablets  then this is a great plastic free toothpaste option for a stocking stuffer.

Plastic free. International shipping. Find them HERE via Package Free Shop

Package Free Shop Fave: Safety Razor

I got my razor from Package Free Shop who have a whole host of other incredible led waste products, all shipped plastic free. I love it. It’s a money saver, waste saver… all the things.

Zero waste. Plastic free. Vegan. Plastic free international shipping. Find it HERE. 

Sodastream with Glass Carafes

I’m an addict. Sparkling water is a love language… but shipping water is not a love language for the earth and the cost is not one for the budget. So, enter the Sodastream. A refillable cartridge (exchange via post or local store) turns the water that comes out of your tap or filter into perfect bubbly water in a glass bottle. AMAZING. If you buy 2 bottles of sparkling water a week on average this will pay for itself in a YEAR without thikning about the environmental savings. It’s a great gift or one to put on the list for you too!

Waste saving. Plastic free. Cost savings. Find it HERE. 


Vitae Watches

In their own words “…we combine beautiful, minimalist watch design with maximal social justice.”

I’m in love with these. I can’t tell you the searches I’ve delved into for well made, stylish (that one’s the hard part), ethically made watches out there and Vitae is seriously THE answer. Jared has this one pictures above, and it’s perfect. The company too is beautiful, mission driven but with quality product, black owned and making everything ethically. One of my happiest finds of 2020.

Black owned. Ethically made. International shipping. Social good. Find them HERE. 

Stasher Bag

Jared was the instigator of these being in our home when I removed plastic sandwich bags just a tad too fast for him. And these are a far better replacement. They can make a great gift in a bundle, or stocking stuffer, fill it with a chocolate bar or something else for a gift. There are tiny sizes too which are amazing at $14.99 for 2! 

B corp. 1% for the planet. Plastic free. Find the Stasher store HERE.

Biodegradable Pela Phone cases

Yes, they give you a free case, or the price is for two or however you want to see it! 

I’ve had Pela Cases for years and love them. The number of phone cases that are discarded as people upgrade is shocking, yet they save the waste of broken phones – so this is the perfect solution. A phone case made from plants, that’s still stylish, and is fully biodegradable at the end of your life with it. And they’re shockingly good at protecting phones – I’ve never had a phone break in one in 7 years!

Biodegradable. B corporation. 1% for the planet. International shipping. Shop the full line HERE. 

Pela vision

It’s the same fab company as the phone cases above, and in 2020 they came out with gorgeous sunglasses and blue light glasses. They. Are. Amazing. They’re fully biodegradable even the lenses and you can return hem them to be made into other products by Pela too. You can get the blue light lenses for half price when you buy sunglasses and they’re interchangeable making it a great two in one.

Biodegradable. B corporation. 1% for the planet. International shipping. Shop them HERE. 


Zkano Socks

STOCKING STUFFER IDEA for kids! And adults too, they have a wider range this year and I love them. They’re really high quality and thick enough to darn if they get a hole making them long lasting and truly sustainable. Made with organic cotton grown in the US, spun and dyed with low impact dyes. Made ethically in a family milll. They repurpose and recycle old socks too.

Recycled polyester. Organic cotton. Sustainable. Ethically made. US shipping only. Find them HERE. 

Shampoo bar

STOCKING STUFFER IDEA! A shampoo bar is a really easy switch and the ones I love are Ethique and HiBar. The trial packs I think are great smaller gifts and let you try them out which is nice if you’re on the fence or gifting to someone who hasn’t tried them yet! 

Zero waste. Clean ingredients. Find the range HERE. 

Patagonia jacket for kids

A great one to ask for if you want a well made, B corp, heirloom gift for kids. We asked for these early on and they look brand new after many seasons and 2 kids. Join a birthday and a Christmas together, club together with family or give/ask for money towards one. Buying one larger gift that lasts can be so much better than multiple smaller things!

Shop Patagonia jackets HERE. International shipping.


Muthahood Goods for kids

Really for kids and adults alike Gemma at Muthahoood has something for you, but the small curated selection of very thoughtful, educational and empowering gifts for kids is incredible and one I personally shop from regularly. Highly recommend.

I know you’ve ordered from the US so I wanted to include this as it’s such a phenomenal company I’ve loved from both sides of the Atlantic but be aware of shipping! 

Women owned. Eco friendly packaging. Ethically made apparel. Find the collection HERE. 


Plan well, keep it simple, do what you can!

Don’t be overwhelmed. Make a list, plan your budget, work out what budget you can allocate to gifts and divide it up roughly between the gifts you need to buy, the stockings, the friends and family and work out how much your’e working with in each area. Look out for sales and shop for people when you see the right things, then check them off.

Go second hand where you can for earth and budget. Or invest in well made and sourced options like the ones above!


Christmas lists 2019

Christmas list 2018 US


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