February 10, 2017

My top 10 Valentine’s Picks!

For our first Valentine’s day Jared and I said no presents so I agreed and just bought him a card and a mini bar of chocolate.  I thought that was the translation of ‘no presents.’ Incorrect.  His translation was: actually no presents. Oops. My birthday lands a few days after Valentine’s so we now tend to roll them into one (his birthday is right before our anniversary so it all evens out!) But if you do celebrate with presents, or you just want my favourite fun Amazon picks for February gifting here they are!

*TIP: if you click HERE you can sign up for a FREE month of Amazon Prime which will get you all these things shipped for free, in two days. You’re welcome 😉




This is my top pick for the eco conscious coffee drinker! I got Jared one of these for his birthday a few years ago and we now both love it. Sometimes to-go style cups just don’t give a good drinking experience but this one lets you drink from a real cup but also get the to-go convenience that saves a paper cup! And you can customize the colour for a personal touch!


I’ve recently fallen completely in love with Cocokind skincare products. Having not looked after my skin well through my 20’s I’m really now paying attention and I love how these make my skin feel, as well as loving them being fully non toxic, organic, with natural, fairly traded ingredients, and even coming in glad bottles. But the best part – they are really affordably priced.  This facial toner smells and feels divine, and rose anything is perfect for valentine’s day right?! Also check out the Matcha moisturizer, and really everything in their range!


I got a pair of these for Christmas and I LOVE them! I love the simplicity and chic look, I love seeing the layers of coffee, and also the practical design of the insulation so your hands don’t burn with the black coffee I love to drink. If you’re buying for someone you live with – this is the wining gift, cos there are two, so really you get one as well. But you should probably make the coffee 😉


Coming home and switching real pants out for happy leggings is the ultimate make-me-smile moment.  Anyone else?! So gift that moment of glory with an ethical style gift that’s made sweatshop free, from organic cotton. Check out their hoodies and undies too!



Real raw chocolate is the chocolate with all of the real superfood goodness, and to me it tastes the best too – and the added bonus here is the LOVE bars chocolate formula is ‘focused on providing everything you need for a romantic and intimate evening.’ 🙂

‘SHE’ version with shatavari, White Peony, & Gelatinized Maca for ‘optimized female health at any time and any age.’


Yes I put these on every gift list because they’re the ultimate gift in my opinion! They will last a literal lifetime, and get used every day and that makes for an extra special gift to me. And if we’re talking value for money in gift giving, these also win as well as being a healthy, non toxic gift to the kitchen of someone you love!


I don’t like the word superfood, but, if there’s a superfood for Valentine’s day, it’s this baby! For balancing hormones and they claim ‘may boost the libido.’ It’s great in baking, smoothies, and coffee!



Organic, raw rose petal chocolate – Literally the perfect bar for Valentine’s Day! Fairly traded, paleo, dairy free, an ayurveda inspired recipe, and sweetened with (my fave option) raw honey this bar is seriously perfect!


It’s fair-trade, organic, vegan, and the stone ground texture is Jared and my fave! I bought these bars for Christmas presents and they’re the one I choose every time when I want to get a treat for Jared! SO GOOD! 


Boomerang gift?! Ok maybe but this is a great option for someone creative who loves to get in the kitchen and make their own treats! Or get it for yourself to make your own treats to gift amazing handmade gifts! Raw chocolate, heart shaped brownies, bath bombs?! So many options! 


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