April 18, 2020

My 10 Beautycounter Faves (while there’s 20% off for new customers!)

Beautycounter has been my go to for 2 years now.  Initially I placed an order feeling totally overwhelmed by cleaner makeup options. I was just relieved to have found a company that looked like were pushing forward in the things I cared about: being a company with real values, cleaner ingredients, care for the planet and people in the creation process, but also creating products that actually worked and felt high quality. Over the last 2 years I’ve come to love a lot more than the 3 things I started with, and really seen a bit more inside the company (I’m somehow in the top 6% of their affiliates/consultants because you all shop so much so I get a bit more of an inside look!) and I’m only more and more impressed by the care, stringency in ingredients and sourcing, and the way they work. (They’re currently also doing a buy one give one giving a product to health care workers right now for every order regardless of the amount!)

Affiliate links: All the links in this post are affiliate which just means I get a commission for sharing the things I love and creating content. It also means I can really take the time to help you which I love, so please send me an email/DM if you have questions! If you don’t want me to get a commission (you don’t pay any extra) just make sure it doesn’t say my name at checkout, and if you do want to have me as your customer service and get a commission then vice versa just make sure it says Kezia Neusch as your consultant at checkout! 


They currently have 20% off for new customers so I thought I’d highlight a few of my faves cos there are a lot of things on the website. At the top of Beautycounter.com you’ll see a banner like the one above to enter your email address, and this month by signing up for emails you’ll get 20% off your first order.  Go grab the code now and then come back and see my faves below!


This is my top BC tip! They have a membership program I think of like Amazon Prime because there’s no monthly commitment and no autorenew, just free shipping over $100 ($125 CAN), 10% credit on any purchase, and a free gift when you sign up. It’s $29 to join but whenever you add it to an order over $100US/CAN I always pay back the $29 as a ‘welcome’ and something I get to do to help with the numbers. You never actually have to shop again if you don’t want to. This month the freebie gift is the peel which is my number 1 skincare product for brightening my skin and keeping it not looking dull so if you’re already shopping over $100 make sure you add that HERE and send me your confirmation email to kezianeusch@Gmail.com or in a DM! Literally no strings, it’s just a way I get to and love to help.


Countertime Collection – This is my go to day and night skincare routine. It’s a 4 step routine with a FAB eye cream. It’s their line for maturing skin, for helping with fine lines and wrinkles and giving extra hydration as skin tends to dry as we get older. I LOVE it, especially the eye cream. It all has a safer retinol alternative “bakuchiol” and I can really tell the difference in my skin when I use it day and night and when I don’t!

Countertime Eye Renewal Cream – This is in the collection but it has to be a fave on it’s own cos so many people just buy this one. It lasts me 7+ months and what I really notice is how it changes the colour and tone of my under eye area. I’m a religious user morning and night! (plus the oil cleanse makeup remover is my go to when my kids cover themselves in things that won’t come off their skin!)

Overnight Resurfacing Peel – It’s probably everyone’s favourite skincare product, it doesn’t actually peel off, it’s a gentle but super effective mix of peeling acids and soothing acids. I first bought it deep in to colic land with Roey when I just couldn’t get my skin to look vibrant and not grey. People also choose it a lot for helping with sun spots or helping reduce acne scars in combo with the brightening oil and see really good results. But if you’re ordering over $100 don’t pay for this, add the band of beauty, have me pay back the cost of the band of beauty – and get this for free! Just send me your confirmation receipt after shopping. Literally no strings, it’s just a way I get to help.

Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation  – this was one of the first three things I bought and I love it. A tube the lasts me about a year and it’s a light coverage (with hyaluronic acid which is produced by our bodies and I love for my skin for lots of things) but with being light it’s also buildable so it’s great multitasker for me.

Flawless in Five– This is their start up discounted makeup bundle. It’s six things: Foundation (I do tint skin in linen), Powder blush (I love date to the right), Brow gel or Pencil (I love both), Mascara, Concealer and Lip Gloss. It will guide you through the colors and I can help with that too. I’m not a gloss person as much a lipstick but it works our cheaper to get the bundle and with the 20% off it’s $120 for all of it, plus add the Band of Beauty (which I always pay back!) and you’ll get free shipping and free peel plus $12 credit to put towards lipstick if you’re more like me.

Brightening OilOn the days I don’t want a 4-5 step regimen this is my go to, a vitamin C oil that really brightens my skin and moisturizes in one quick step for quick easy morning skin love when I’m going make up free.

Caramel Cream Blush – One of my newest loves as a really quick and easy multitasker. I use a swipe on my cheeks to give definition and a bit of colour, and on my eyelids and lips too. It’s brill!

Lip Intense – I’m a lipstick person. I wear it most days and these ones are all stringently tested for heavy metals (you can read all the testing, results and standards HERE if you’re like me!) I love Girls’ Night for a bright red, Little Black Dress for my perfect everyday red, B Fearless in the paper tube for an everyday pink, and Twighlight for a bolder bright pink.

Lengthening Mascara – This is the thing I had the biggest battle with finding a better option for in the clean makeup world and I LOVE this one. I’ll be honest it’s the only product I see get mixed reviews, but personally I adore it, I can sweat, cry and wear it for a day and it’s perfect. But it’s where I love the 60 day return policy. If you don’t love it you can return it no questions.

Shave Cream for Jared – They have a full Countertime Men’s line but Jared’s pretty simple in terms of products and just uses the shaving cream but we love it.

Multitasking Cleansing Balm (for the kids) – I only tried this cos I got it for free, but it’s now my go to for Roey’s dry skin, for wind chapped faces, and kid rashes. It’s a fave for people with rosacea and eczema but for me it’s a kid go to that will last the full year.


Make sure you get the 20% off code, and let me know if you have any questions or want to know my thoughts on any product, I’ve tried tons of them now  – then make sure to add in band of beauty and get the $29 back from me to get the most for you money too!


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