April 20, 2018

If I Was Your Mother… A Gift List For Mothers Day

Ok so I’m not your mum, but if I was this is the list I’d be tagging you in on Instagram.  There are 2 billion mothers around the planet, 85 million in the US and we’re all so different, so instead of an arbitrary roundup of trinkety gifts I wanted to give you the list that’s ‘me’. The list that’s low waste, organic, compostable, sustainable, consciously created and does good.  

You could also consider doing an ‘ungift’, make a donation to charity and tell you mum why in a card, or give her the gift of an act of service from you, or make time to be with her, take her out for a meal or be with her for a day. 


For the Eco Conscious Flower Lover

Starting with the classic. Personally, I’m not a flowers person but I definitely still give them and if I’m going to I want them to come be sent like THIS!  Do you see that signature burlap coffee bag wrapping?! Yeah. No plastic here. And their value for the earth goes way beyond up cycled coffee bags. Read more and find all their bouquets HERE. 


The Mum Bag, Reimagined

Don’t google diaper bag. Just don’t do it. Cos you don’t have to throw away your bag style with parenthood. Course not. Just don’t get a diaper bag, get a regular NICE bag, and use it for diapers. Or whatever you carry with you. I fill mine with Stasher Bags to separate things and to take just a few wipes with me for the day. Get the bag on everyone.com HERE.


A Personalized Gift

I love ABLE for creating great pieces made ‘by women who have overcome’ here in the US. They have bags, clothes, shoes, and more but I love their jewelry the most. This is a gold filled bar that you can customize with up to 10 letters. Get it (and shop the rest of the site for mama goodies!) HERE. 

A Timeless Gift for the Outdoor Mama

Throw back to 70s ski wear and hello. You have to read the story behind this phenomenal do good brand but they are the real deal. I love the products I have and they are all guaranteed for SIXTY ONE years so it’s a gift that will be timeless, and live forever. They also have backbacks I’m in love with, and lots of great workout gear. I love knowing I won’t have to buy more each season which reduces the amount we’re putting into the clothing cycle. Shop their collection HERE (and get $10 off!).


Mother Like No One’s Judging Tee


I mean, amen. Mother like no one’s judging. Gemma from @mutha.hood is my guilty instagram stories pleasure. She’s my fave to watch, hilarious down to earth and all about empowering women and mothers,  and you should follow her. Her organic fair trade message tees are the best. Roey has a ‘Strong Girls Club’ one and they’re just so great. The pouch bags and ‘Maman’ necklaces are also totally perfect and ALL on my personal wishlist… ahem, Jared. Wink. Find them all HERE.


A Classic Non Toxic Lippy


Lipstick is the thing for me that draws the line between down in the dirt mum days, and feeling like a more civilized human being. Sometimes I don’t get a shower (or don’t choose to spend my time on one) but lipstick while sitting in the car makes me feel like I stepped into a new world. But I don’t want or need chemicals to do that. This one from W3ll People is my favorite non toxic lippy and the colour I have in my makeup bag, soft enough to wear a light coat everyday but gives enough pop to make a statement too. A classic. 


Organic Rosewater Toner

Cocokind is a brand I’ve fallen in love with since their product launched 2 years ago. They make truly affordable but super clean and non toxic products that reeeeally work wonders on my skin. They should be three times the price they are, but they’re the highest quality and not over priced. A woman run company that wants to make good skincare affordable. Love that. All organic, truly natural, and mostly packaged in glass so that there’s less plastic to throw away! Find this toner HERE.


For the Eco Chocolate Lover Mum



It’s expensive chocolate. Not gonna lie. $35 for 7 bars. It’s also divine, raw, organic, vegan, and comes in recyclable paper and compostable ‘plastic’ wrapping. My kind of bar. It’s not your standard chocolate so I recommend this for the superfoodie, health food, already crunchy mums. They’ll be in love with it. And it only just landed in the States so if you’re stateside you might be introducing them to their new love. I first tasted this when someone brought me the Salted Caramel one all the way from Australia and oh HELLO. It’s delish. Read more about their sustainability amazingness HERE. 

Best of the best for your mum! Get it HERE.



For Every Mum: Salted Caramel Truffles


You can bury the wrappers in the garden, you don’t even need a compost heap. Amazing. But you don’t need to have a health-food-palate to love these babies. They’re just divine. But still organic, fair-trade, still clean, and still earth friendly (and a bit more budget friendly than the indulgence above!). Just an all round win. Get them HERE

For The Conscious Shoe Lover


Jared’s first mothers day gift to me was shoes. It’s like, hey I know you’re more than a mum, I value who you are – here’s a gift just like it’s your birthday, but for Mothers’ Day. That’s the dream, right?! Also, these are the dream. Definitely a pricier pair but for good reason, Everlane is transparent about where their products are made which I love. If you want something in this vein but less pricy look at their ‘Choose What You Pay’ section – their version of a sale. But these shoes… Get them on Everlane.com HERE


For the Excited Mum-To-Be

So you can probably only pull this one if the person you’re buying for is pregnant with their first babe. After that I think Mother’s day gifts should stricly be for HER. But when I was pregnant, getting a mother’s day gift that was for the baby was just giddily exciting and sentimental.

I try to go with organic clothing for all our purchases but especially baby pieces and I love this company for having stunning classic pieces. The boots are via their site HERE but if you want something available on Amazon click the hat image, they have a number of gorgeous pieces there to start a baby collection.

You are also see a range of things we have and love for baby and baby life in my Clean Living Baby Shower Gift Guide.


Chlorophyl Facemask

Another wonder from Cocokind, the founder Priscilla talks in her instagram stories about how she also drinks this facemask, and makes a bath to soak in with it too. An all round fun pampering wonder powder. Get it HERE

A Non Toxic Manicure

Total pampering, sans nasty chemicals. TenOverTen is my fave brand of non toxic nail polish and if your mum lives in LA, New York City, or Austin you can get her a gift certificate to go to one of their stores and get the full experience. If (like me!) you don’t and she doesn’t… you can still get your hands on their great nail polish via Amazon HERE. And did you know their stores use leftover nail polish to create paint for industrial painting?! You can even take your old jars in to add to the recycling effort. Love it.



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