February 24, 2017


The giveaway is (mostly – see the end!) done but I wanted to make sure you had the info so you can still get your hands on all the amazing products we gave away for my birthday week – thanks to everyone who took part and yaaaay for those of you that won! But really, giveaway aside they’re things we so truly love (thats why we gave them away!) so I wanted to make sure all the details were available for you guys to shop!


Brew Doctor Kombucha 



We LOVE this kombucha.  Ok, I’m going to say that about every product here – that’s why I chose them!  But we do.  When we were in Portland we got to hang out with them and see behind the scenes and taste some of their distillery offerings  which are as wonderful as the kombucha.  All organic of course, raw, and amazing flavours.  Spiced apple is Jared’s fave, and I love the lemon, ginger, cayenne brew.  Get your hands on some booch HERE!

Green Chef


We first tasted Green Chef last year when we reviewed a whole series of meal delivery companies  – we loved Green Chef for being all organic, and for giving us all the ingredients pre chopped and prepped.  And the meals were delicious too, cos organic alone doesn’t cut it, it needs to taste incredible too!  They’re offering you $50 off your first box too if you visit their website HERE!

Hu Kitchen 


I cannot rave about this place enough, guys, there are a few restaurants I’ve found in the world that I really trust (like really, don’t need to see ingredients or ask any questions and everything tastes heavenly) and this is one of them.  I wish you could all just go and eat there (if you’re in New York GO!) but their chocolate is available online and from some retailers around the country.  It has the cleanest, fair-trade, organic ingredients list and then they make the best filling for literally just the best treat bars! Hazelnut praline… just yes.

And they’ve super kindly given you a discount code for 25% off any bars you order HERE in their store! Just use the code KEZIASFAVE when you reach the checkout.  (And it’s actually really affordable for such high quality chocolate!)

Northbound Coffee Roasters


You guys know we love our coffee, every single day. Sometimes  often twice. And also that we’ve been trying to make every cup we drink organic.  This is our go to for locally roasted, certified organic coffee… that actually tastes amazing.  Like, I’m-in-a-coffee-shop amazing.  We drink coffee black, and we’re self admittedly picky about coffee, and this is a winner in our kitchen!

Daily Harvest

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.00.17 PM

When we did our meal delivery service review, I didn’t expect to be impressed by the smoothie options.  Why have something delivered that I could just throw in a blender myself, right?  But we were surprised how much we loved that cups from Daily Harvest which is why they landed here on our list of fave things!  They deliver the smoothie ingredients packaged frozen in a paper cup, you store it in the freezer till you want your smoothie, then throw it all in a blender with some water and pour it back into the cup (with a clever straw hole) to take it on the go with you.  We also enjoyed making them thicker for smoothie bowls.  If you have a fast paced life and need a simple but fresh and clean grab and go breakfast, this would be an amazing every day option! Or if you just like a smoothie occasionally and want to have the ingredients ready without buying multiple different things.  We love them.  And you can get your hands on them HERE!

And finally…

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 10.22.25 PM

…this giveaway is still open, because I’ve LOVED hearing from you all and I want to hear from anyone else who wants a chance to enter! I’m giving away one (but I might end up choosing more!) coaching session with me.  I so love getting to talk with you guys and help you find solutions to things in your worlds, from budgeting, to meal planning, to custom recipes… anything at all so I want to give away a session with me to one of you who wants to chat though something and come to some solutions.  We could write you a meal plan, work out what your go to meals are, find out how you could reduce your grocery budget, or talk body image or baby feeding… I love it all and I love finding solutions that make your lives easier! So, if you still want to enter this one – head to instagram HERE and comment on the post with why you’d want to win!

Oh and, cake it always a great place to finish, so if you want the recipe to that to die for birthday cake my cousin made… here it is for you!




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