December 13, 2018

FINALLY. A makeup bag I’m proud to share.

4 years ago I revamped my makeup routine. I was excited to share about it! Quickly though I knew I wanted to take new steps forward. I didn’t have time to research, honestly I didn’t want to. So I just stayed quiet and slightly plugged my own ears! It was the only area of my health journey I hated questions about because I knew it wasn’t where I wanted it to be.

No longer.

I finally bit the bullet 6 months ago, researched, compared, tried, and after a finally delivery I’m in love with my routine and what I’m putting on my skin. I’m happy if my kids grab it and use it (or eat it!) and I’m happy to talk about it again!

I wanted to land on just one company for ease but I didn’t. I use a few. I wish the world of clean makeup was black and white in terms of having a ‘best’ for skin, environment, fair-trade, and price but it’s a grey area (like is it better to have a product in glass that takes more fuel to ship, or thin plastic that uses less fuel?) Ultimately I think taking steps forward is what counts and I love that

that’s what this is for me. This is perfect for me for now!


What’s in my makeup bag?

TONER: Find it at WholemakerCo on Etsy


FACE SERUM: Find it at WholemakerCo on Etsy

MATCHA STICK: Find it at WholemakerCo on Etsy – all packaged in paper with clean ingredients.

CONCEALER: I’m loving THIS one by Elate Cosmetics. Zero waste mostly plastic free packaging and shipping with very clean ingredients. It goes a long way (the sample size lasted 2 months!) I apply it with a small brush and use the Fawn color. Shop it HERE. 

FOUNDATION: This Tint Skin Foundation in Linen by Beautycounter is clean, light but perfect coverage, and I can’t feel it on my skin. A little goes a long way especially with the brush. Maybe everyone uses a brush but I’m new to it and it makes all the difference. Shop it HERE. 

FOUNDATION BRUSH: Pretty sure I use half as much with this so I highly recommend it for even coverage too. I use Dr Bronners in the palm of my hand to clean it! Shop it HERE. 

POWDER: This pressed powder by Elate Cosmetic again is my winner. I use the pearl color – I found they are a shade darker in real life than on the site if that helps!

BLUSH: Again I went for Elate Cosmetics in Ingenue colour and you buy the wooden compact and just refill it with the disc of powder the same way as the powder above. (The Beautycounter ones actually come in FSC certified sustainable paper, but I slightly preferred these ingredients and wanted to try the company! Now I love them so I’m staying. But if you want a one stop shop, Beautycounter does have good blush I just chose a different option.)

MASCARA: I. Tried. So. Many. I just couldn’t find a clean one I loved till this. So I LOVE this one and it’s

my biggest clean beauty win. I go for the lengthening but I’m not sure there’s a ton in it and the price is the same! This is my *must try* item if I had to pick one.

LIPSTICK: I’m a lipstick lover. I’m a neutral and pretty simple clothes wearer, I don’t wear eye shadow or do fancy eye makeup but I do love lipstick for just making me really feel like I’m drawing a line and moving out of my sweats and homebody usual! I have two colors, a sheer everyday Rose color, and a bold Girls’ Night red that pops for when I need or want that!


Alright! I hope that helps!! Shoot me a DM if you have any questions (I might give you a voice reply – I’m SO happy about that thumb saving instagram feature!!) or leave a comment on my last post.

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