March 4, 2020

BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY LEFTOVERS! (temporary post + offers!)

A quick roundup of the things you can still get you hands on for a bit less after three birthday giveaways!


I gave away books but all my ebooks are still discounted with the code BIRTHDAYMONTH and you can find them here. 


I gave away two spots on our online course Grocery Budget Boss but we took the price down $50 for everyone! We’re going to revamp in later in the year and until we do that the price is down to $99. Honestly, when I say revamp I actually mean taking out content. What? Everyone tells you to streamline a course, give less info than you think you want to, but I said ‘no’ I want them to have everything they could ever need.‘  Later in the year though we are going to make it a bit less full on with content, which definitely hurts me a bit but I want it to be manageable even if that means giving you a bit less. Good news, until we do that, you can get it all for $99 here


I gave away $100 credit from me personally for Beautycounter the skincare and makeup brand I adore so much, and I wasn’t planning on doing something for everyone here but when I read all the comments on why people wanted to win, I couldn’t not. So I gave anyone who needed one a $10 off voucher. It’s not from the company, it’s a gift from me not the company, I’m giving back my commission (or more) to help you with an item which it’s my joy to get to do, but I want you to know it’s from me! Take it if you need it or if you’re new, but if you’re a regular customer who can manage the price point, then if you don’t take it let’s me give more to those who do, if that makes sense?! But I’m not stopping anyone I’m letting you choose and if that’s something that would help you you’re welcome to fill out the form for one HERE too and then you can shop HERE! And obviously you can ask me for help choosing things at any point.


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