Welcome to our little family. This is us.  I’m Kezia a born and bred London girl and my husband Jared hails from Austin, Texas.  Somehow we managed to land together in a small Northern Californian town living the dream with our two favorite people Clayton Oak and Rosemary Gold.

Our days are filled with diapers and trains, libraries and paper writing, recipe developing and blogging, traveling and working. But we’re hands down happiest when we all crash round our giant kitchen island, together, with plates of pancakes and a giant steaming french press. Or two. That’s pretty much what every Saturday looks like, so you know where to find us!


Loving Our Bodies With What We Love To Eat


When it comes to eating, we couldn’t really have been more different when we met 7 years ago.  Between us we’d tried everything from a 100% raw vegan lifestyle, to seeing if pizza rolls can sustain someone through college.  It’s a journey. For the last 6 years we’ve been on that journey together, discovering balance and health together and sharing the story online. We don’t have a certain ‘way’ that we eat, we’re just about real food, good food, keeping it as simple as possible and nourishing our bodies with food that we really love to eat. We love to eat. And the recipes from that journey are what we get to share here – I hope they help you nourish your body well with food you love too.


Food Changed Our Lives


We didn’t mean for food to just be the starting point but as we dug in to making the meals we love be the best ones for our body it took us on a journey that’s changed how we live. What we put in our bodies turned into a quest for the best versions of what we put on our bodies. Slowly we detoxed and simplified our skin care products, makeup, and cleaning supplies.

Then in 2015 when we brought a little newborn home it made me question the clothes we were putting on our bodies, and on his baby skin. I started to look into clothing. You can’t research for long before discovering the story behind textiles and how clothes are made which sent us on another incredible journey of adjusting how we shop so that we are conscious of the people and the planet as we fill our wardrobes.


Children Changed Our Lives


We don’t sleep in on Sundays anymore, and we laugh a whole lot more. But aside from the obvious changes and extra wrinkles, looking at my two children really stopped me in my tracks in how I take care of our environment and of other
people on the planet as I shop.  It’s led us to use every purchase we can to champion people, and to protect them, and the earth we’ll hand on to our children. Practically this looks like buying fair-trade, ethically produced products, moving towards an eco consciouszero waste creating home. It’s not a journey I expected to find myself on but I love it, and really, what about my life did I expect?!

That Doughnut Girl

When I meet new faces around town I often get asked ‘wait are you the doughnut girl?’ I am indeed, that doughnut girl.

A few years ago I asked Jared for inspiration on something new to make. He quickly said ‘doughnuts.’ Confession: I don’t like doughnuts, but we landed on trying a paleo, baked version.

We were in Texas so I played around with the ingredients my mother in law had in the kitchen, drizzled lots of chocolate and nuts over the top, and posted a picture.  The picture led to me promising a recipe ebook, then realizing I had no clue how to do that, a 6 month journey learning and then an ebook. Which led to requests around town, certifying our home kitchen to become a bakery, and churning out dozens of doughnuts a day for local coffee shops and customers.

I love getting to roll up my sleeves and create cakes and treats to let people enjoy food and celebrate in the cleanest, real food way.