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The Whole Treat Kitchen Essentials!

If you’re getting ready to buy The Whole Treat this weekend here are a few of the kitchen essentials we use all the time to make treats! You don’t have…

10 things from BTS of Instagram Life

Today is June 21st, the longest day of the year.  That means in the life of the gram, there are the most hours of any day in the year when…

From the desk of Jared Neusch: Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Eco + Conscious Living, Gift Ideas

First a note from Kezia: Getting Jared to write a blog post is like.. well, he’s written one in 5 years of blogging so consider this list a gift from…

Why I made this cake instead of sending you a GDPR email.

Recognise those letters?! Been clogging up your inbox?! In short, it’s a great thing and it’s going to make all our data more secure, which I highly value. And it’s…

6 ways I’m healing my Diastasis Recti (And what the heck IS that?)

Health and Wellbeing, lifestyle

Firstly, what the heck is Diastasis Recti (DR)? Sadly I had no idea until after my first pregnancy, which is why I am writing this post. The sum total of…


May’s class is up for bookings! The menu is to be decided, but I can tell you for sure it will include chocolate. And if you sign up before we confirm…



30 easy to follow recipes so that you can fill your kitchen with the clean, real food treats, cakes, and desserts. Every delicious recipe is one we love and treat ourselves with as a family, and every one is free from gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. There are also a number of recipes free from eggs, fully plant based, vegan, and most are free from any grains and are paleo.


You can download the book from the screen you’ll see right after purchase, you’ll also get an email with the same link to download. Your download link expires after 7 days so just make sure you download it to have it forever before the link expires! If you have any technical issues just drop us an email contact@thewholefooddiary.com.


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The Whole Food Baby


40+ fun, real food recipes that we used to journey from milk to the wonderful world of solid food.

You’ll also find chapters on introducing table manners, sourcing food, snacking, and more.

Available exclusively on The Whole Food Diary Shop.

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The Whole Scoop


Over 25 recipes for delicious dairy free, paleo ice creams made with real, whole food ingredients.  The way it should be! From classic dark chocolate, and real vanilla to lavender earl grey, and pistachio butter fudge, there’s an ice cream (or an ice cream cake!) for everyone and every occasion.  With easy to follow step by step instructions to use these recipes and to create your own, either with an ice cream maker or without. Now you can serve up the best ice cream you can find, from your own kitchen!

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