The Whole Scoop


Over 25 recipes for delicious dairy free, paleo ice creams made with real, whole food ingredients.  The way it should be! From classic dark chocolate, and real vanilla to lavender earl grey, and pistachio butter fudge, there’s an ice cream (or an ice cream cake!) for everyone and every occasion.  With easy to follow step by step instructions to use these recipes and to create your own, either with an ice cream maker or without. Now you can serve up the best ice cream you can find, from your own kitchen!



Including 7 new recipes!


Over 25 recipes for dairy free, paleo ice creams with easy to follow step by step recipes.

Get everything you need to make flavours from the classic real vanilla, to fun new recipes for spiced carrot cake and toasted coconut macaroon, and some ice cream extras like a 5 layer ice cream cake and ‘s’mores’ ice cream sandwiches!



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