Meatball salad

Sometimes salad inspiration comes from what’s left over from dinner that can be added to leaves, and this was one of those but it turned out to be a really happy salad and it’s not on the regular list. We had grassfed meatballs for dinner ~ I keep them pretty simple, good meat, a beaten egg, a little gf ground oat flour, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper, then roll them in oat flour and bake them. I made a few extra and then for the next day’s lunch threw them on a bed of romaine with avocado chunks, peas, raisins and sunflower seeds. For me with the creamy avocado I don’t need a dressing but for Jared I used a clean raspberry vinaigrette. With the juicy red meat, creamy avocado and crispy romaine it’s almost like a burger in salad form 😉