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  • Indulging without Regret: 10 tips for having your summer holiday cake and eating it too!

    Guys, I’ve been the regretful over-indulger. I’ve done the vacation mode of ‘kick back don’t think about what you’re eating’ and then kill yourself at the gym after a vacation with a diet of green juice. But I’ve also been the restrictive holidayer who’s constantly thinking about not eating the ‘wrong’ things and saying no […]

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  • Mothers Day Gifts That Do Good!

    It was a journey that started¬†with food, but we’ve been moving our family towards making more mindful purchases across the board. It’s actually been a fun and exciting journey as we’ve discovered some incredible new brands that love people and the planet! ¬†We’re trying to make those same decisions when it comes to gift giving, […]

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    You can read our whole review of the different meal services ‘Tried and Tested’¬†HERE but this is one we really loved for being all organic which, you know, is a massive value to us! There were also great options for paleo and vegan boxes so that all the meals in side actually worked for our […]

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  • Ebooks for Aleppo

    It’s something small, but we wanted¬†to do something. Periodically through the year we put The Whole Doughnut and DRINK on sale but this¬†Christmas as I reflect on our planet, I couldn‚Äôt help but do something different. So instead of putting the books on sale, this year¬†when you buy The Whole Doughnut, or DRINK¬†before Christmas Day […]

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  • Paleo Pecan Pie

    For the crust: 2 1/2 -3 cups almond flour 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 egg 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1-2 tbsp raw honey pinch salt Mix everything together in a food processor until it just comes together in a ball. ¬†You may need to scrape up a few crumbs with your fingers and roll it into […]