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  • It Started with Food…

    As a child scrambling up trees to pick apples in my grandparents orchard, I thought that sunny picture was the story of all food.  It grew on a tree in a grassy field, someone picked it and walked it inside to the kitchen table. Right? After growing up, living through the BSE scare, reading lots, and some years of […]

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  • My Top 10 Mighty Nest Pics

    My Top 10 Mighty Nest Pics Apart from using the Mighty Fix, these are some of my choices from the Mighty Nest website that we use around our home on a regular basis! For the kitchen: 1. Bees wrap – I love this stuff, it is a great way to get rid of that plastic […]

  • Gift Ideas

    The giveaway is (mostly – see the end!) done but I wanted to make sure you had the info so you can still get your hands on all the amazing products we gave away for my birthday week – thanks to everyone who took part and yaaaay for those of you that won! But really, giveaway […]