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  • Q and A: Part Two

      You can catch Part 1 of this Q and A over HERE, I loved answering all your questions!  In Part 2 I’m covering: BUSINESS, SOCIAL MEDIA, MISC. WAYS OF EATING/OUR EATING JOURNEYS BABY FEEDING PREGNANCY CLASSES BUSINESS, SOCIAL MEDIA AND MISC You mention work sometimes. .. what is your day job? I’m a full […]

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  • Q and A – Part One

    Q and A time! I don’t always get to answer, or see, all the questions that get asked on instagram so I tried to get them all in one place so I could sit down and give you my best in answering them, and here they are (or the first half – cos there were so many!) I […]

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  • The Whole Food Baby: Starting Out

    **A disclaimer: As with everything I write, this post is a combination of my own personal research and opinion, please use common sense, do your own research and consult your physician, before choosing the way you feed yourself and your baby** Last week Clayton hit 6 months.  Aside from making me wonder where time goes this […]

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  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    Most of what gets posted around here is from me, Kezia, but Jared is a huge part of the journey and I’ve wanted him to share a bit from his journey for a while and here it is. We come from very different backgrounds food wise, and he has a lot of wisdom from the ride, […]