• Breakfast ideas
  • Chia Seed Pudding Bowls

    You will need: 1/2 cup chia seeds 2 1/4 cups almond/coconut milk (DIY version HERE) 1/2 tsp vanilla powder If you want to make you’re own nut milk you’ll also need to pick up a Nut Milk Bag  – (They’re an inexpensive kitchen addition but so great for making all your own nut milks! THIS is the one […]

  • Breakfast ideas
  • Paleo Waffles

    We love a good waffle over here in the Neusch house! Sweet and savory, breakfast and dinner… there’s not really a bad time for that crispy sweet, syrup laden mouthful. We make them lots of different ways but the staple is a paleo almond flour waffle and I realized as we tucked in this morning […]

  • Breakfast ideas
  • Beni’s Grawnola

    Last weekend my wonderful boss Beni handed me a paper bag of home made granola.  It was delicious looking raw granola made with nuts and seeds, no grains and lots of yummy healthy hidden extras.  I couldn’t wait to dig in.  Save it until breakfast the next day? Nope. No way, I stuck my hand in […]

  • Breakfast ideas
  • Lemon Curd

      This week in England has been so hugely relaxing and happy! Usually when I travel I’m all about finding the local food hotspots but this is a different kind of trip. In London there will always be one hotspot that trumps  the rest… my parents’ gorgeous house. Much as I love eating out, there […]

  • Breakfast ideas
  • Honey Nut Granola

    My family is a sticky note writing family.  As a teenager if I would came home at night after my parents were asleep I would usually find a yellow sticky note on the kitchen counter saying ‘Goodnight’ or, ‘Family breakfast at 8am?’ or ‘I’ll be walking the dog early if you want to come’.  Then […]

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  • Egg free paleo bread.

    This was an experiment but then again, what isn’t?! After I posted the paleo bread I had a few people comment who can’t or don’t eat eggs. In my mind that was the opportunity for a challenge… Could I recreate anything close without eggs? After a few goes, this is what I came out with. […]