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  • Sun Butter Dressing


    I do this right after making my sun butter, just don’t scrape out the blender well and then add everything in to taste – to taste really is the key here, so I’m giving you a recipe for what I LOVE, but taste and alter it to the way you like.  To us this tastes […]

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  • Irish Sweet Potato Bread


    Joy and Heather Harrison of Curly Tops Cuisine are an Irish Mother and Daughter blogging duo based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  They’ve been on their own journeys with food using nutrition to heal ME and thyroid conditions, and to find optimal health and vibrancy for their bodies.  They love and value the connection and fun of meal times so […]

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  • Chocolate Raspberry Brownies


    First up a little sidenote: I thought it would be fun to make these in a skillet too, and then got totally carried away looking at skillets… it happens to me often 😉  Some people shop for clothes in weak moments, I shop for cast iron. There you go. But I found THE cutest mini cast iron skillets by my favorite brand Lodge […]

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  • Defining healthy.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 10.22.25 PM

    What no one tells you as a child, is that there is a very individual journey for us in life of finding our own unique version of health. I think the world mostly tells us that ‘healthy’ has a narrow definition that’s some conglomeration of kale salads, yoga, organic fruit, perfect self control, crossfit, juicing, […]

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    You can read our whole review of the different meal services ‘Tried and Tested’ HERE but this is one we really loved for being all organic which, you know, is a massive value to us! There were also great options for paleo and vegan boxes so that all the meals in side actually worked for our […]